Here are a few quick comments off the top of my head:

I arrived at start of 1st term in 1965. Burton Hall was not ready, so we spent the first few weeks in Bruce Hall. Then we moved into Burton Hall and shared rooms – two to a room. I shared with a big red haired Victorian student. I don’t remember his name. I was scared of him because he was big – I’d come from a Sydney boarding school where I’d been bullied frequently. But he was very decent and not a bully.

Peter Lang

In the attached photo I am on the left (my wife is on the right). It is in the river at our property near Cooma (where I grew up). The rock is interesting. It was washed/rolled down a tributary, in the past 200 years or so, since white man came and over grazed the land. It is evidence of an intense local rain storm. It happened before man’s CO2 emissions can be blamed and is clear evidence of massive floods that have nothing to do with man-made climate change.

I made friends with the students from Canberra Grammar and had a fantastic 1st year (not academically though). At one stage I borrowed a Honda 50 motor bike from Harry Oldmeadow, an ex-CGS boarder, to go into Civic. My room mate was pillion passenger. I hadn’t ridden a motor bike much before but was 100% confident in my abilities. We set off from Burton Hall and I started showing off, swinging from side to side as we headed towards Bruce Hall. We went about 30m and fell off about opposite the front door of what was then the Zoology building. He was more than annoyed but simply said “that’s sanity for you”. He walked back to Burton Hall. I then realised he wasn’t the sort of person who would bash me up. :)

Another thing I remember is walking to the Union for meals. It involved crossing Sullivans Creek on a plank propped up on rocks at each end. It frequently tipped. Sometime people would throw stones in the creek as people were crossing.

I and a friend (he’s still a close friend) tried to dam Sulivans Creek in the middle of the night with a D6 bulldozer that was at the site of what is now the Haden-Allen Building.

I could tell many more stories but let’s see if those are of any interest for a start.


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