1. Members are responsible for any damage to the furniture or fittings
in their rooms and will .be charged for the cost of its repair. All
damage must be reported to the Office within twenty-four hours . The
cost of repairing unreported damage to the public portions of the
Hall will be met “by a l evy on the whole of the Junior Common Room.
2. No student in r esidence may be away overnight without first obtaining
the permission of the Warden. Application forms are available in the
Office or after hours with the Porter.
3. Members must at a.ll times avoid making noise which is likely t o
disturb other members.
4. A member may not permit a gu.est to stay overnight in the Hall without
the permission of the Warden.
5. Except in the case of a fire or fire d~ill, members are not to interfere
in any way with the fire fighting equipment, fire notices etc . i n the Hall.
6. Members are permitted to consume alcoholic liquor in the Hall only under
the following conditions:
Members may drink in their own rooms but they may not drink elsewhere in the Hall without prior permission from the Warden.
7. Parties may not be held anywhere in the Hall, including members ‘ rooms,
wit houtperission from the Warden or a Deputy Warden.
8. Firearms may not be brought into the Hall without prior permission from
the Warden.
9. Members (or visitors) of the opposite sex may not enter the Men ‘ s or
Women ‘ s Blocks before 9 a,m. on any day and must l eave these Blocks by
11 p.m. on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and by 12
midnight on Friday and Saturday”
10 . Members , other than those who are already graduates or who are over the
age of 21 years, who intend to be out after midnight are required to s i gn
out in the l ate leave diary which is kept at the foot of the stairs at
the western end of the Women’s Block and the eastern end of the Men ‘ s
Block, recording where they will be going and the expected time of their
return. On return members must sign against their names in the l ate l eave
diary stating .the time of their return.
11. Members should at all times maintain an accept able standard of behaviour
and avoid conduct likely t o be prejudicial to the reputation of the Hal l
or the maintenance of good order and discipline.

Under the  Halls of Residence Rules  of the University, the discipline
of the Hall is entrusted to the Governing Body, subject t o any
directions given by the Vi ce-Chancellor. The immediate responsibility
rests with the Warden and at present limited disciplinary powers have
been delegated to the Junior Common Room Committee .
It is emphasized, however, that Burton Hall i s a community in which
each individual is regarded as honour-bound to respect and observe
the rules· of the Hall and each member in accepting membership has
signed an undertaking to do so . ll1e regulations of the Hall are designed
to promote the general welfare of the community without being
restrictive and t o provide an atmosphere conducive t o pleasant living
and good academic work . This means that the primary responsibility for
good order and discipline and an acceptable standard of behaviour rests
with the individual member .

7 December, 1965


Page 1 Burton Rules 1965

Page 2 Burton Rules 1965


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