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Kevin Francis

Actor Grahame Bond is “protected” from women students fay Kevin Francis.

The winning alternative design for the Parliament House was created while I was at Burton Hall (from 1979 to the 2/3rd of the way through 1980).

We set up the keg of beer on the grass that was on the other side of the car park (to the north of Burton Hall) and had free beer for an evening.


Mark Tigwell, still in Canberra and CCed, helped set up the impromptu bar.

Hugh Gibson Burton Resident 1979 – 1980


Bush Week at the ANU reached, for want of a better word, its climax yesterday with events such as an alternative Parliament House design com petition, the annual Iron Person race and the judging of the scavenger hunt.

The organisers of the design competition had promised a bevy of entries, but as the judging time of noon came around at the Par liament House lawns, there were only three serious contenders.

One was entitled ‘Super Loo1; it comprised a portable toilet with a notice ‘Speaker’s Chair – Pull for Double Dissolution’, surrounded by a circle of black plastic toilet seats.

Another had two chambers, with recorded “snoring” for the Senate and cries of “rhubarb” from the House of Representatives.

But the unanimous choice of the judges, the Member for Fraser, Mr Fry, and the Labor candidate for Canberra, Mrs Ros Kelly, was a bright pink model bearing a vague resemblance to the Black Mountain Tower. Its designers, Messrs “Crun and Wuckfuttle”, alias second-year science students Hugh Gibson and Keith Chapman, won an 82-litre keg of beer.

Their winning design included a 70-metre tower, doubling as a suicide drop for “conscientious parliamentarians”, and as an intercontinental ballistic missile interceptor; a trapdoor to eliminate obnoxious demonstrators, and “modern circular buildings” for the two Houses at the base of the tower.

It was, as several people at the judging pointed out, a representation of what the more irreverent among us think that politicians do to the public.

On the banks of Sullivans Creek near the ANU Union yesterday afternoon, after a strange ritual which involved drinking large quantities of beer, milk and other concoctions; eating raw vegetables and running about 2.5 kilometres carrying a brick,  “Davo” Baker, a third-year physics student from John XXIII College had a narrow win in the annual Iron Person race. Mr Baker won the novel prize of a keg of beer.

A team from Ursula College won the annual scavenger hunt with a score of 35,000 points. Street, highway and Botanic Gardens signs were prominant among the piles of objects collected by the teams; other scavenged items included a soccer goal, “kidnapped” actor Grahame Bond, and television personality Constable Ken Koala.

No one actually secured items worth 10,000 points each, such as the Coat of Arms from the High Court, but some teams won points for imagination. At least one turned up, for in-. stance, with a “manly” person named Ferry.




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