BAGMA President
Year Started
Year Finished
Extra info
MsKate Snailham2013

Kate Snailham

MrWilliam Gort2012

Will Gort

MsEmma Cumming2011
MrNolan Brice2010

Nolan Brice

MrAndrew Gallagher2009
MrCallum Brindley2008
MrCallum Davey2007
MsKristy Williamson (now Wallace)2006
MrAlex Grant2005
MrNick Quinnell (now Mann)2004
MaxMax Jeganthan & Mr Adam Stone2003
MsAmy Macdonald2002
MrBen Patricks2001
MrBen Patricks2000
MsAlison Duncan1998
Alison Dhu & Sumer Hingorani1997
MrJustin Mein1995
MrAndrew Dempster1994
MsMichelle Oates1993
MsKarina Shorter1992
MrZacharia Gabriel1991
MsLisa Simone1990
MsLisa Simone1989
MrPaul Ross1988
MrGreg Chaikin1987
MrLouise Will1986
MrChris Bolden1985
MrGarry Wilson1984
MrColin Rigby1983

Colin Rigby


One Response to BAGMA presidents since the beginning of time

  1. Avatar of Grant Grant says:

    This page http://bandg.anu.edu.au/alumni-position-holders-1970s/
    incorrectly shows me as chairman in 1974, unless there was another Grant Robinson. In 1974 I lived in John XXIII. I was resident at Garran for all 1975, ans semester 1 of 1976, and I do not recall any other Grant Robinsons on campus.

    I was deputy chair of the Garran Hall Members Union which replaced the JCR in 1976. If memory serves correctly, Lachlan McGregor was chair for 1976

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