My husband, Alan Andrew, a tutor/post-graduate student moved from Bruce Hall to be a sub Warden of Burton Hall 1965. I was [an older: now nearly 80] post-graduate student; went to Burton Hall [four weeks late] 1965 then to Garran Hall as a sub Warden 1966. [I was late: supervisor on leave until Feb, so late to get interview then scholarship; then horrendous March bushfires Sydney to Canberra, so no travelling possible.]

I met Alan a week after I arrived. We are the first couple from Burton Hall to meet, become engaged  [March 1966] and to marry. It was quite an event at the time. We married Dec 1966, just after my thesis was submitted. We both found academic work in Melbourne, and are still here.

Briefly, I am/was a two-year trained secondary teacher, biology, mathematics, [early 1950s]; went to night school 1956 to learn physics and chemistry, then to UNSW [then University of Technology] in 1957: 2000 students, all part-time, working, with one afternoon study leave (except me as a teacher) and three nights study [I did three nights for two years then four nights for next five years]. Only twelve women students in 1957. Honours had to be full-time so lectured tertiary 15 hours/week at night, mainly, to p/t students [another story: I was very fortunate, but by then also regarded as very capable]. Masters scholarship ANU [now in my late 20s]. ANU did not allow conversion to PHD; a PhD student had to have a Masters already [not sure of current rules]. I never did get that highly-desired PhD:[ I now say to myself that I did my PHD in motherhood as I have two highly-regarded children]. I can expand: NSW matriculation after five years so many B and G Hall students, mainly from rural areas, were 16, or just 17, when they came into residence in 1965, [very young and very naïve]. The post-grads and unmarried staff [older and more mature] had their own “in-group”: sat together at one table for meals.

Burton Hall: no dining room until May 1965-ate at the Union: unpleasant walk on cold, frosty mornings at 745am. Also, no bridge across the creek, so down a slippery, muddy steep bank to the stepping-stones then up the other side, also steep, muddy slippery. Not much fun in the dark at 6.45ish pm either. The second, back block not completed and occupied until May/June 1965: first two terms spent two undergraduate students to a room, women in the front wing, men in the back wing of the front block [so very cramped, and study difficult].

Phillipa Andrew

Yours sincerely….Phillipa Andrew [nee Croucher].


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