Each year one resident is awarded the BAGMA President Awards in recognition to service to Hall and fellow residents. The Award is presented at the Valeté Ball at the end of the year. Past recipients include:

Phil Cunningham  ?
Allison Duncan ?
Malcolm Briggs 2000
Claire Jelbart 2001
Emlyn Cruikshank 2004
Benjamin Steel 2005
Tim Caddey 2006
Zachary Damon 2007
Brendan Hanger 2009
Jack Taylor 2010



note: Now I see. It appears there might be some muddling of the life members and the president’s award.

I don’t recall the president’s award while I was there, so perhaps the life memberships were changed to president’s awards from 2002 onwards.


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  1. Avatar of Brendan Brendan says:

    2009 was myself
    2010 was Jack Taylor (i think)

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