An incomplete list of staff from the last 50 years. Please post a reply to help fill the list.

Ms EmilyAllen2014Front Desk Officer
MrPeterSmith2014Front Desk Officer
Ms ShwetaMariwala2014Deputy Head
Ms BrookeArmour20122014Admissions Officer
MrDaveSegal20082013Head Burton Garran Hall/Deputy Head/Dean of Residents
MsTaniaWillis2007 2007Head Burton Garran Hall, Dean of Residents
MrKeithConley20072013Head Burton Garran Hall
MrsJeanetteRobinson20072014Hall Administrator
MrWillyWeijers20062014Maintenance Officer
Mr RichardAdams2005 2007Head Burton Garran Hall
Mr TimAnderson2003 2004Head Burton Garran Hall
Mr BrucePollard1998 2002Head Burton Garran Hall
 Mr GillBurke1996 1996Head Burton Garran Hall
 MsRachelLloyd1996 1996Head Burton Garran Hall
 Mr NeilRodgers1991 1997Head Burton Garran Hall
 Mr BillKrebs1982 1989Head Burton Garran Hall
DrKent19701971Warden of Garran Hall
DrJRTShort19651974Warden of Garran Hall
MrGeoffreyRossiter19651981Warden of Burton Hall
MrCCMacKnight19701970Deputy Warden, Burton Hall
MrRSGeddes19721972Deputy Warden. Burton Hall
DrJ D Ritchie1972?Deputy Warden, Burton Hall
DrMikeGore19751978Warden, Garran Hall
ProfessorPhilip HClarke19761976acting Warden, Garran HallClarke
Dr TonyCutten19761976Deputy Warden, Garran HallLinkedin
SisterPatSorby19671967Deputy Warden, Garran Hall
DrJohnCaiger19661967Deputy Warden, Garran Hall

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  1. Avatar of Grant Grant says:

    Add to staff list:

    Dr Mike Gore, Warden Garran Hall, 1975-78

    Professor Philip H Clarke LLB (now Deakin Uni) acting warden Garran 1976

    Pat Sorby should be listed as a deputy warden at Garran… I don’t know the full duration.

    Dr Tony Cutten was also a deputy warden in 1976.

  2. Avatar of anne anne says:

    John Caiger was the other Deputy Warden of Garran Hall in 1967 and probably the year earlier as well. There were two Deputy Wardens: John Caiger and Pat Sorby.

  3. Avatar of Dave Dave says:

    Thanks, I have updated this.

  4. Avatar of Paul Paul says:

    There was a position of “Porter” in early days (around 1968-1975), filled by the amiable Eric James. He acted as resident night-watchman and also the first Bar Manager when the Buttery opened in Central Block.
    Around the same time Eric Walsh was the Business Manager of Burton Hall.

    • Avatar of John Knight John Knight says:

      The late Gordon Walsh was Business manager of both Burton and Garran Halls from 1966.

      In those days he was a left wing labor party member who won preselection against the popular sitting member Jim Fraser over the issue of the Vietnam war. There was a big dispute, and the preselection was later overturned. Gordon Walsh later studied for an ANU degree, and towards the end of his life he became a supporter of Pauline Hanson.

  5. From my memory Bill Krebs’ title was Warden, not Head, and he was Dr. at the time. I believe that the Head of the hall during Bill’s time was John Hudson.

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