Excerpt from ‘Burton 78′


It is a situation, of course , that cannot be allowed to continue
and the Governing Body has planned to meet the challenge by adopting a
student work scheme for 1979 . As a condition of membership of the Hall,
all residents will be required to contribute 2 hours work a week towards
the running of the Hall. This will allow us to make a substantial saving
on wages and also a substantial reduction in fees, thus keeping them to
a level more in line with students’ ability to pay . This reduction , we
believe, will make Burton a more attractive proposition for students
next year.

I should like to make it clear, however , that it wasn’t
only financial considerations that has led us to propose the
student work scheme for 1979 . The Governing Body believes that
active participation by members in the day to day work of the Hall
will add a new dimension to our already strong sense of community .
By contributing themselves to the actual running of the Hall,
members will not only feel greater responsibility for what takes
place within the Hall but will also be more understanding of
routine housekeeping problems and more conscious of the need for
all members of the community to work and live together with
harmony and consideration. Besides, in the third quarter of the
twentieth centur~ it is hardly appropriate that young people
attending university should form a privileged group by having
their basic household chores done for them!
The Governing Body has great faith in the student work
scheme. Our chief hope now is that the University will allow
us to put it into operation .

Geoffrey Rossiter
WARDEN (1978)


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